Utility Poncho
Utility Poncho
Utility Poncho
Utility Poncho
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Utility Poncho

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Water resistant and highly packable, our hooded poncho is great for rainy game days and biking in wet conditions. It has a dual-purpose kangaroo and cargo pocket, and it’s made of 100% cotton (imported from India) that is waxed in the USA.

Care: Dry brush dirt spots. For soiled areas, use mild, diluted soap. Brush with soapy solution, rinse with sponge and air dry. Do not submerge, machine wash or machine dry.



  • Pattern developed and poncho sewn at Sew Co. in Hendersonville, NC 


  • Labor = $25
  • Fabric = $36.40
  • Buttons = $1.50
  • Labels = $2.50
  • Shipping of Materials = $1.25
  • Packaging = $3.10
  • Business Expenses* = $13.75

Retail = $82.50

*We're committed to running a US-made brand with an ethical production line—but it takes a lot of work! "Business Expenses" include office rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, design, production and customer service salaries, research and development costs, etc - all true costs of running an effective business.  This is your investment in environmental sustainability, worker voice, and economic revitalization. 

Meet our models 

Rosamaria works in shipping and receiving at Opportunity Threads, one of our partner mills. She loves playing soccer, going for long jogs, and singing along to just about any kind of music.

Bob worked in the furniture industry for 15 years before becoming CEO of Material Return, our circular economy partner. Bob is also an engineering instructor at a local community college with a passion for creating graffiti artwork.

Kimoni worked for Material Return, our circular economy partner, before pursuing a full time career helping people and giving back to his community as a firefighter. In his downtime, Kimoni enjoys fashion and fishing.

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