Cooperation, not Competition

Cooperation, not Competition

We call it “Coopetition”. Forming allies with our peers allows us to be bigger by being small together. Collection’s supply chain is an intimate network of weavers, knitters, sewers, screen printers, dyers, pattern makers, spinners, label makers and suppliers joining together to lift up each other’s best practices and manufacture on a large scale. That’s where we got our name, Collection, because we bring together what matters. Learn more at the Carolina Textile District.





We are the Carolina Textile District, a federation of textile companies governed by the members.

Apparel Pattern and Design Solutions

Pelzer, SC

Apparel Prototyping and Design Solutions, LLC (APaDS) offers a variety of services for the sewn products industry including pattern design, digitizing, pattern grading, cutfile creation, marker plotting, tag board patterns, garment samples, garment costing, industrial engineering, and apparel consulting. The staff is well known and respected throughout the sewn products industry in their respective fields of expertise.

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Diamond Brand Gear

Asheville, NC

Since 1881, Diamond Brand Gear has manufactured outdoor and mountain lifestyle gear in the U.S. with the ultimate craftsmanship and care. Based in the heart of the Carolina Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, Diamond Brand Gear explores the limits of fabric to craft durable mountain gear with passion, creativity and pride. With a history of reliability and innovation, Diamond Brand Gear produces tents for the U.S. Military and Boy Scouts of America, creates daypacks and bags to make everyday life simpler, and designs high quality bags with Biltmore®, America’s largest home. From employing new fabrics, sewing and LEAN manufacturing technologies, to exploring ways to add customization and personalization to their products, Diamond Brand Gear is dedicated to their employees, customers and community.

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Manufacturing Solutions Center

Conover, NC

The mission of the Manufacturing Solutions Center is to help US manufacturers increase sales, improve quality and improve efficiency to create or retain jobs. The Manufacturing Solutions Center is a facility where innovative concepts can be brought to life. It's where products and prototypes are tested; manufacturing processes are fine-tuned and accurate cost and product studies are performed. All of these services are available to manufacturers to help them stay at the forefront of their industry.

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Opportunity Threads

Valdese, NC

Opportunity Threads is a worker-owned cut and sew company supporting local, sustainable industry, creating jobs and long-term assets for the worker-owners. Their facility is a leader in “up-cycling” goods and repurposing fabrics. Workers have the opportunity to become owners of their company over time thus giving both agency and equity to their growing workforce.

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Sew Co.

Hendersonville, NC

SewCo. is a full-service product development and industrial manufacturer of highly crafted sewn objects with socially responsible and unconventional business concepts. After watching thousands of textile job move overseas, Sew Co. was founded in 2010 as an effort to preserve the skill of sewing and our domestic manufacturing economy. Our teams comes with a diverse backgrounds in fashion design, pattern making, production, costuming and fine art.  We provide living wage work in a light-filled studio. Our focus is on discerning quality. We believe the way to compete with overseas production is through exquisite craftsmanship.

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Trotters Sewing Company

Asheboro, NC

Trotters Sewing Company (TSC) is a family-owned and operated contract cut and sew manufacturer located in Asheboro, NC. Since 1992, the company has been cutting and sewing products for the furniture, bedding, medical, pet and various other industries. Although the company’s main focus is cutting and sewing, they also provide services in grommeting, sonic welding and packing & shipping.

From upholstery, pillow covers and foot protectors to outdoor cushions, mattress covers, bags and pet bedding, Trotters Sewing Company manufactures many different products for their customers. They have the capacity to handle small sewing production runs (250-500 pieces) to large production runs. They have hundreds of different industrial sewing machines for the different sewing applications, and a Gerber for precise fabric cutting. They are also very proud that their customers’ products are manufactured in North Carolina, and are Made in the USA.

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TS Designs

Burlington, NC

Founded in 1977, TS Designs began as a small, manual screen printing operation. They quickly became fully automated, printing shirts for big brands like Nike, Tommy, Polo and GAP. After the 1994 implementation of NAFTA, they watched as customers transitioned accounts to Mexico to take advantage of lower costs. Instead of calling it quits, they turned to the triple-bottom-line business model focused on three equally important bottom lines: People, the Planet, and Profits.

Armed with their new business model and a healthy amount of crazy, they catered to a then-fringe group: The Green Movement. Company leaders pushed the boundaries on what was possible in printing technology and what it meant to source from local supply chains.

TS Designs vision is to produce the highest quality and most sustainable printed apparel in a domestic transparent supply chain. “Our customers see value beyond just the bottom line.”

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Boone, NC

Tsuga was born out of a desire and need for crafting something better. Our gear is purpose driven - we're doers, makers, go-getters - and everything we build is multifunctional. We aim to continue the rich history of craftsmanship in the state of North Carolina and absolutely love calling the Appalachian Mountains home. Gear inspired by the mountains is our mantra and we live it everyday. We design, develop and manufacture products you can use at work during the week and outside on the weekends. We're committed to quality and functionality in everything we do. An outdoor industry veteran, Jimi Combs started Tsuga with the mission to build quality gear inspired by the mountains. Tsuga started in Boone, N.C. from humble beginnings and has quickly grown into the preeminent outdoor brand in the High Country of North Carolina.

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In addition to Carolina Textile District Partners we work with these supply chain allies.

Contempora Fabrics, Inc

Lumberton, NC

Contempora Fabrics is an employee owned circular knit company based in Lumberton, NC.


Conover, NC

InnovaKnits is a state of the art textile manufacturing company specializing in flat knit consulting and development and domestic production of flat knit textiles, all done right here in the USA. They have 30+ years of experience in flatbed knitting across many different industries and product categories, and we pride themselves on their dynamic culture and eagerness to assist customers on all types of textile projects.


Pickens, SC

Family owned and operated since 1843, Kentwool has earned a reputation as being a manufacturing pioneer. As an innovative textile leader based in South Carolina, Kentwool has developed a truly state-of-the-art wool-based yarn spinning operation that produces the highest quality yarns in the industry.

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group

Valdese, NC

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group is a versatile yarn mill comprised of all-encompassing spinning and dyeing capabilities that brightens the world with specialty yarns rooted in undeniable quality and superior service.


Knoxville, TN

Minnewawa is the oldest American woven label company in existence.

Visten Business Services

Fletcher, NC

Visten Business Services serves clients from around the world, providing customized 3PL and fulfillment services.